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Grandview Library’s new director wants to expand library programming – FOX 11 and FOX 41

GRANDVIEW, Wash. – After months of searching, the Grandview Library finally has a new director. Victoria Castro is licensed as a state librarian and says it’s her goal to help get more people into the library.
Castro said after talking with the Grandview School District, she learned literacy is declining for students. Part of the reason is kids are spending less time reading. In order to motivate kids and adults alike to check out books, she wants to expand the programming in the library to include STEM and events where readers can connect with authors.
In an effort to do so, she wants to update the library’s collection.
“Something I’m looking at is to order some new updated, more diverse books and to kind of weed out the older ones,” Castro said. “I do want folks to connect with the author and I want books that reflect the readers experiences.”
This includes adding more Spanish and Bilingual books to the library. Castro also wants to collect data from the community to see what people want to read.
In the future, she’d also like to have more electronic reading devices, digital literacy and research classes available.
The library is planning a Barnes and Noble fundraiser event soon to help with these goals. Details are still being ironed out.
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