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Four Digital Stats Every Programmer Should Know. | Story | insideradio.com – Inside Radio

In addition to achieving rating success, today’s radio programmers should also be striving for success off-the-air, specifically via the station’s digital platforms.
First and foremost, air talent should be driving listeners to the station website, not TMZ.com or HollywoodReporter.com. The station website can be monetized and also encourage viewers to listen to the station over the air or via the online stream – access to which should be easily found on said website. Additionally, the website can be the portal for e-newsletter and text club sign-ups.
In a blog post, Jacobs Media’s Seth Resler says PDs should be able to rattle off the number of website visitors just as easily as they can quote Nielsen ratings.
Programmers should also be aware of the number of subscribers to the station’s email database. Both the station website and email database are a controlled extension of the station’s branding and reach. Jacobs Media describes station websites and databases as “assets you own,” while Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are “assets you rent.” Resler writes, “Rented assets are subject to the whims of a ‘landlord.’”
Other digital stats that programmers should know include how many people are listening to the station stream and how many people are using the station’s mobile app.
“A few short decades ago, radio stations had only two metrics they could measure: the ratings and the revenue,” Resler writes. “Now, we have dozens of data points, from retweets to podcast downloads to Instagram comments. It’s easy to think that just because we can quantify something, it’s important; but some of the data points have a much bigger impact on the success of a station’s digital strategy than others.” Knowing the number of website visitors, email database members, streamers, and app users are “arguably the most important, and every PD should know them off the top of their head.”


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