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Fifth Wave Of Lisk Grant Program Entails A $1.3 Million Funds – Coinpedia Fintech News

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Jun 20, 2022
Due to the high level of interest among developers, Lisk has decided to prolong its Grant Program for another round. Lisk is a big believer in fostering outstanding ideas and potential teams in order to accelerate blockchain adoption. As a result, the Lisk Grant Program’s expansion continues to provide startup teams with all of the tools they need to succeed in today’s fast changing world. 
The Lisk Grant is at the vanguard of Lisk’s efforts to help the coming generations of blockchain programmers.  Moreover, the program’s impending 5th wave will keep allowing connectivity throughout the domain.
Blockchain and the vast array of decentralized apps and services has expanded at a breakneck pace, dramatically altering current businesses. Lisk’s Grant Program has been extended to accommodate the growth, as well as to react to developers’ strong interest in joining the program.
This program’s fifth wave began on May 23rd and will run for three months. The total funding allocates $1.3 million  to encourage excellent startup teams and their fresh technologies.
Many entrepreneurs and developers are held back by complex blockchain programming languages. Lisk solves this problem by providing clear and comprehensive documentation for developers, as well as access to build blockchain applications using JavaScript and receiving funds for blockchain development. Furthermore, developers may use the robust Lisk SDK to significantly accelerate the launch of their products.
It’s also worthy to note the teams may think of many possible categories of blockchain projects who want to create apps for NFTs, DAOs, oracles, stablecoins and more. Essentially, the initiative embraces any excellent concept which can contribute to blockchain development.
Finally, all copyright and licenses developed through the Lisk Grant Program remain with the program’s staff. The previously existing project inspires other participants to establish their own blockchain program, and as shown in the previous wave, Lisk has provided excellent assistance for developers. You can check Lisk discord.
Many successful ideas have been watched and developed throughout the first four waves of Lisk’s Grant Program, and they have added richness to Lisk’s community.
RGB is a crowdsourced NFT platform that allows people to collaborate on NFTs. It permits a large number of people to interact with a single piece of artwork. In this way, RGB developed a unique approach to public art experimentation. Over the course of two weeks, users will add pixels to an empty board, as an incentive for bidding on the NFT, 95 percent of the ultimate price will be distributed among a community of participants.
Topas City is a metaverse game utilizing a blend of VR, WebXR, and blockchain innovation to give clients a virtual encounter. In Topas City, players can encounter games in different spaces where they meet new companions, exchange tokens, and acquire tokens. 
Idntty is a decentralized personality security arrangement that plans to give a framework to engineers and a basic answer for end-clients to deal with their confidential information and advanced marks. Idntty offers an open, secure, cryptographic device that individuals can use for online endorsements and digitized verification of character.
Please remember, that the Lisk Grant Program will be open until August 21st, 2022! 
For more information on the grant program, you can also visit the following channels:
Website : https://lisk.com/grant-program/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/LiskHQ
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/7EKWJ7b

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