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Duluth Parks and Recreation Releases Summer Programming – FOX 21 Online

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DULUTH, Minn. – With the summer weather hopefully coming soon, Duluth Parks and Recreation is gearing up with the releases of their summer program brochure.
The brochure was released this week and parks and rec officials say this is the most summer programs they’ve ever had.
The brochure includes programs for youth, families and those 55 and older. They range from community events to youth day camps.
“I think everyone is looking forward to summer and we get really excited to use our park spaces in different ways. We are really just excited to meet people where they’re at and help facilitate different adventures and programs within our park spaces,” recreation specialist for Duluth Parks and Rec Megan Lidd said.
The brochure and program signup are available online at the Duluth Parks and Rec website. 

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