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Dish Network Drops Programming From Pittsburghs WPXI-TV – Patch

PITTSBURGH, PA — Dish TV customers no longer have access to WPXI-TV because of a financial dispute between the satellite provider and Cox Media Group, WPXI’s parent company.
Unsurprisingly, Cox blames Dish TV for the blackout. Dish blames Cox.
“Despite our efforts to negotiate in good faith, Dish still refuses to do a fair deal and has now blacked out nine Cox Media Group stations, including WPXI-TV,” a post on the station’s website stated. “They go dark only if Dish so chooses. CMG is hopeful that Dish will abandon its well-worn path of blacking out TV stations to the detriment of consumers in favor of meaningful negotiations toward a fair deal.”
Dish placed blame for the blackout squarely on Cox.
“Cox’s viewership has significantly declined on Dish TV, indicating that many viewers have moved to other channels for their entertainment and news,” the company said in a statement. “With its decreased viewership, Cox is attempting to recoup its losses by demanding increased rates of nearly 75 percent from Dish customers.”
WPXI is advising that viewers call Dish at 1-800-333-3474 and demand that the company gets the station back on immediately.

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