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Difference between Yield and Return in Python

Yield statement is used with the function when we want to return series of values over time instead of returning single value at the end of the function.

If we use yield statement with function then the function become generator function, the yield statement suspend the function and send back value to the caller of the function and resume where it is left off.

How Yield statement works with function?

  • With Yield statement function pause the execution and return the value to the caller.
  • You can resume the state of the function.
  • Execute the function from previous state and generate next result instead of starting from the first..
  • We can call yield statement multiple times.


# Python 3 Code
# Yield statement with function

def myfunction(a, b):
add = a + b
yield add
sub = a - b
yield sub
mul = a * b
yield mul
div = a % b
yield div

# Run Generator with for loop to get all values
for value in myfunction(35,54):



Example with Return statement:

# Python 3 Code
# Return statement with function

def myfunction(a, b):
add = a + b
sub = a - b
mul = a * b
div = a % b

return(add, sub, mul, div)

# Get Return value in variable and print the result
output = myfunction(35,54)
print("Addition: ", output[0])
print("Subtraction: ", output[0])
print("Multiplication: ", output[0])
print("Division: ", output[0])


Addition: 89
Subtraction: 89
Multiplication: 89
Division: 89

Difference between Yield and Return Statement in Python

Return Statement

Yield Statement

Returns the value to the caller

Yield returns the value to the caller and preserve the current state

Return statement runs only one time

Yield statement can run multiple times

Code written after return statement wont execute

Code written after yield statement execute in next function call

Every function calls run the function from the start.

Yield statement function is executed from the last state from where the function get paused.

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