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Determine how MAP (Moving Average Price) changed

Identify how the Moving Average Price (MAP) of a Material has been changed?


Please follow the steps below in order to identify MAP changed by postings:

Step 1) First user need to search for MBEW-KALN1 (Cost Estimate Number – Product Costing) of the Material for that do the following:

i) Run t-code SE16.
ii) Table MBEW (Material Valuation).
iii) Now please enter the selection for fields:

  • Material
  • Valuation Area
  • Valuation Type (if there is any)

iv)) Then click the Execution button.
v) At last get the KALN1 entry.

Step 2) Now In order get the List from table CKMI1 (Index for Accounting Documents for Material) do the following:

  • First, run t-code SE16.
  • Table CKMI1.
  • Now please enter the field KALNR (Cost Estimate Number for Cost Est. w/o Qty Structure) with KALN1 from step 1.
  • Also remove the entry in the field “Maximum No. of Hits”.
  • Then click the Execution button.
  • You will notice that a list appears as per the selection entered.
  • Now navigate to menu path “Settings” -> “User Parameters” and change to “ALV Grid display”.
  • Then please select the two columns for DATUM ( Day On Which Accounting Document Was Entered), and UZEIT (Time of Entry) and sort in ascending order.

Step 3) Last step is to Analyze the list :

i) The list will be in chronological order:

  • POPER- the posting period
  • LBKUM- Stock quantity before the corresponding posting
  • SALK3- Stock value before the corresponding posting
  • VERPR- MAP before the corresponding posting

ii) In the list you will see how the LBKUM and SALK3 changed by the posting and this will change the MAP as:

  • VERPR (Moving Average Price)  = SALK3 / LBKUM

When evaluated special stock E or Q is involved (KZBWS indicator is ‘M’ in table VBAP or PRPS for the relevant Sales Order item or WBS element, respectively) then please use the value in EBEW-KALN1 or QBEW-KALN1, in table CKMI1.

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