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Data Science Job Openings In India That are Still Remote – Analytics India Magazine

AI/ML and data analytics have been in great demand for a few years now and companies are actively hiring data scientists – experience no bar – for various roles in their business and operations teams. In the post-pandemic world, employees have largely preferred to work remotely or comfortably from home. This way, people are able to work for companies located anywhere on the globe without having to travel to their offices overseas. 
We have compiled a list of some of the top data science openings that allow employees to work remotely.
One of the IT industry’s leading companies, Turing, is looking to hire experienced data scientists who can work remotely on business/product analysis. Turing is one of those companies that uses AI in their day-to-day operations like sourcing, hiring, and management on a platform called ‘Talent Cloud’.  The eligibility criteria for the role starts with a bachelor’s or master’s degree focusing on business, economics, math, science, and engineering with the knowledge of languages like Python, and mathematical software such as SAS and MATLAB.
Click here for more information.
Zepto is looking for data science and machine learning analysts who can work remotely but closely with the business team to define, collect, and track business metrics to move forward strategic decisions.  The delivery app that started operations in 2021 has been rising and competing with top players like Swiggy and Zomato. While there are various remote software engineer openings at Zepto, the eligibility criteria for the data scientist position starts with a bachelor’s in engineering and experience of 0-2 years with an understanding of statistical analysis and solving machine learning problems.
To learn more about the job, click here.
With an experience of 3-6 years and understanding of development in Python, SQL or PySpark, Deloitte is looking for professionals worldover for data analysis, peer reviewing code, and testing data. Deloitte is known for providing a conducive work environment for projects and offering other companies world-class support of professionals.
Click here to learn more about the openings at Deloitte.
Data scientists at IBM look for solutions and services using predictive modeling and machine learning analytics using programming languages like SAS, SPSS, R, Python, Spark, etc. Remote job openings at IBM are constantly getting updated and require experience in cloud-based solutions like Azure, AWS, and Red HAT. Proficiency in Python, Java, or MATLAB along with using containerized workloads and services such as Kubernetes, Docker, etc are the requirements. Applicants should also have experience of building AI models along with data integration processes like Kettle.
You can apply for the job at the IBM’s Career Page.
A Data science practitioner at Tiger Analytics heads the data science aspects of end-to-end client analytics programs. The job requires working on various fields of the ML ecosystem like molde building, logging versioning, ML pipelines, documentation, scaling, monitoring, deployment, etc. To join the Tiger Analytics team, work experience of at least 6-10 years is required to be able to lead teams in data analytics and other business problems.
To apply for the job and get more information, click here.
One of the early startups in India using deep learning, Arya.ai, is aiming to build a completely autonomous AI operating platform mainly for financial institutions. The team consists of researchers and data scientists in machine learning and deep learning since 2013, and are looking to expand their team even further. As a data scientist at Arya.ai, having a strong background in AI/ML/DL is a must along with an experience of at least two years in the field.
Click here to apply for the role at Arya.ai.
The media buying and audience intelligence platform designed for political campaigns and actions, IQM, is looking for data scientists with coding skills in Python focusing on pandas, numpy, sklearn. A B.Tech in CS or Data Science is a must along with knowledge of ElasticSearch, Hadoop, and Spark being add ons. The company boasts a 70% match rate with their AI/ML algorithms giving political campaigners competitive advantage to reach voters with targeted data information.
Click here to apply.
One of the leading financial services companies of India, Paytm, is looking for data analysts to work remotely on FASTag transactions at Paytm. The team is working on writing SQL queries and fetching data from HIVE. Tracking transactions and GMV among other parameters is the day-to-day job for the person in the position. The role requires at least 3+ years of experience in any data analyst or data science role with extensive knowledge of SQ, BQ, and HIVE along with excel and databoard creation. 
Click here to apply for Paytm.
The star of video conferencing, Zoom, is looking for a “rockstar” to join their team in the field of analytics and eCommerce. The desired candidate should have the knowledge of deep learning, supervised and unsupervised learning for online business analytics. A minimum of four years’ experience using data and a masters or PhD in Computer science is required to apply for this role. The knowledge of Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Pardot would be a plus.
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