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Dart & Flutter: Convert a Duration to HH:mm:ss format

When working with Dart and Flutter, there might be cases where you want to turn a Duration into a string of HH:mm:ss format:

  • mm: minutes as 2 digits from 00 to 59
  • ss: seconds as 2 digits from 00 to 59

Though Dart doesn’t provide an out-of-the-box API that can help us get the job done, we can do it ourselves with only a few lines of code. Let’s create a reusable function called formatDuration as follows:Advertisements

// Define the function
String formatDuration(Duration duration) {
  String hours = duration.inHours.toString().padLeft(0, '2');
  String minutes = duration.inMinutes.remainder(60).toString().padLeft(2, '0');
  String seconds = duration.inSeconds.remainder(60).toString().padLeft(2, '0');
  return "$hours:$minutes:$seconds";

And we can call it like this:

// Try it
void main() {
  const durationOne = Duration(minutes: 900, seconds: 3);
  const durationTwo = Duration(seconds: 19999);
  const durationThree = Duration(days: 2, seconds: 1234);




That’s it. Further reading:

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