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Could this new programming language replace C++? – Geo News

Saturday Jul 30, 2022

Google believes that a new programming language known as Carbon can succeed C++, reported Tech Radar.
New programming languages that are easier to use keep replacing old ones. For example, Apple’s Swift language replaced its predecessor, Objective-C.
Some have called Rust a C++ successor but Google’s Principal Software Engineer Chandler Carruth said that it does not have “bi-directional interoperability” introducing a language barrier. This makes translation between different programming languages difficult.

Carbon is expected to be interoperable with C++ code and users should find it easy to make the full switch.

According to Carruth, Carbon has simpler grammar and optimised API imports.
The project also has ethical motives like inclusivity making it even more beneficial for users. 
Carbon’s source code can be downloaded as the programming language is currently just an experiment. Users can experiment on their own browsers with the Compiler Explorer web app.


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