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"Coding for Good": Introducing Connecticut kids to computer programming – Connecticut Public

There’s been heavy emphasis put on computer programming education in recent years. Tech moguls like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have all predicted that “learning to code” will be as ubiquitous as learning algebra.
What opportunities are there to learn to code in Connecticut?
This hour, we hear from the owner of three Coder Schools in our state, Vaishali Shah. Hartford Business Journal reports she “is the first person in Connecticut to open up a coding for kids after school and summer camp program.”
We’ll also speak with a computer science class that participated in the Lt. Governor’s third annual “Coding for Good” computing challenge.
A recent study on the state of computer science education identified lingering disparities in access. “51% of public high schools offer foundational computer science,” the Code.org Advocacy Coalition found.
Plus, one expert weighs in on what it really means to consider a career in coding. Sophia Matveeva is CEO of Tech for Non-Techies, a consultancy helping professionals “speak tech.”
While “many are wondering what they really need to know about technology to succeed in the digital age,” Matveeva clarifies that “most leaders don’t need to learn to code. Instead, they need to learn how to work with people who code.”
“The myth of coders in a garage creating a billion-dollar company is persistent,” says Matveeva. “The story of non-technical professionals driving technological change is not often told, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”

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