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CodeRover – A Build-It-Yourself And Programmable Robotic Platform Making STEM And CS Fun, Intuitive, And – Benzinga

This high-quality educational robot works with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Micro:Bit, and ESP32.

EdifyRobotics, funded by a group of engineers, programmers, and educators, is launching its first educational robot CodeRover on Kickstarter. In the sea of programming platforms and programming languages, CodeRover is designed to bring together enthusiasts of all levels. 

"Our favorite feature of CodeRover is its compatibility. In order to make CodeRover suitable for students, teachers, and hackers of all levels, we designed CodeRover to work with most of the prototyping platforms out there," says Tony, lead engineer of CodeRover. "CodeRover was initially designed to settle a feud, within our engineering team, over the best prototyping platform to learn programming and robotics. We are very thrilled to see tens of thousands of people start to follow CodeRover's progress as we turn it into an educational product."

CodeRover has two versions SUMO and OFF-ROAD. You can challenge your friend in a robot sumo wrestling match or DIY your own AI-powered robot off-road tank. The removable CodeRover Core is the heart of CodeRover. It powers both versions and can be swapped between the two easily. 
CodeRover is beginner friendly and can be programmed using different programming languages. Depending on which platform you choose to use with CodeRover, you can control it with C++, Python, Javascript, and visual programming languages such as Blockly and Scratch. EdifyRobotics team also designed an APP allowing users to control and program CodeRover wirelessly.

In addition to creating a highly compatible robotic platform, EdifyRobotics is practicing a sustainable approach to how to create their robots. Besides the necessary PCBs and hardware, CodeRover is made with sustainable and environmentally friendly material called MDF. Moreover, each piece of CodeRover can be replaced or upgraded using a 3D printer or a laser cutter, making CodeRover a robot platform that can last a long time.
Kindly support us on Kickstarter and join CodeRover's community
For more information, click on the website https://www.edifyrobotics.com/
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