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Choosing The Perfect Tech Stack For Your Projects – BOSS Magazine

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A tech stack can be defined as a collection of technologies employed by developers when building software products.
tech stack
A tech stack can be defined as a collection of technologies employed by developers when building software products. The collection consists of third-party integrations, libraries and frameworks, and programming languages, among many other tools.
The choice you make when choosing a tech stack plays a very crucial role in determining the kind of software product you are going to develop. It also determines its prosperity and viability and how the software product can meet its expectations.
Unfortunately, most organizations do not know how to choose the perfect tech stack for their projects. This affects the kind of software products that they end up developing. 
Here are some best practices to follow when choosing a tech stack;
Your tech stack plays a crucial role when it comes to the growth of your application. You might find yourself in a situation where after launching an application, you get an upsurge of users within a few months. Your tech stack is supposed to support this growth.
Let us take an example where you have a group of Magento enterprise developers. After adding modules and customizing your Magento site, it starts getting slow. Can your tech stack support you if you decide to take the Magento enterprise developers alternative
Well, the most important thing for your developers is to make sure that the tech stack they choose allows them to add new features, change the underlying technology, support the growth of users, and give your software products room for growth.
The type of project that you want to work on also plays a role when choosing the perfect tech stack for your projects. The business goals, processing strength, complexity, and size of the projects are some of the things that you need to consider.
For instance, if you are working on a project that needs low latency for improved responsiveness or involves multiprocessing, then you need to ensure that the tech stack that you settle for has support for such things.
If you are working on things such as CRMs, online marketplaces, or social networks, then this means that that is a complex project. You will need a tech stack that supports different programming languages. Without this, your project will fail.
Here, you need to define the expectations of the product that you will be working on. Without this, then you will find it difficult to choose the right tech stack for the project. The first thing to do is to define your target audience and where, when, and how they will use the product.
You will also need to find out the most popular device among your target audience. This is important since different device apps require a different set of technologies. For instance, a mobile app requires different frameworks and tools from a web application.
Depending on your answers to these questions, you can then decide on the kind of tech stack that you need. It could be a multi or single-platform solution. Always remember that the kind of tech stack you choose will determine the success of your product.
When choosing a tech stack for your project, it is important to understand that the project will need to be maintained after it is launched. This is an important step in the software development lifecycle. The tech stack you choose can make or break this stage.
For you to achieve feasible maintenance, the tech stack you choose should be influenced by your application’s codebase and software architecture. It is good to choose a tech stack with easy-to-maintain, reusable, and short programming languages.
In addition, look at your software architecture and make sure that it supports the reusability, portability, and scalability of your project. This means that you also need to consider the software architecture when choosing your tech stack.
This is one of the most important things you need to consider when choosing a technology tech stack for your projects. However, this is not an important aspect for those who are planning to outsource their developers.
Chances are that if you look at the strengths of your developers, you will find that they are better at certain programming languages than they are at others. They also know certain tools better than others.
This means that you should choose a tech stack that they are comfortable working with. This will be important in determining the success of your applications.
The tech stack is very important because you need it to build your software applications. You should, therefore, follow the best practices discussed above to choose one that meets your requirements.
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