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Celebrating Sarah Gilbert, Vice President for News Programming's career – NPR

Morning Edition hosts reflect on the contributions of NPR Vice President for News Programming Sarah Gilbert, who is leaving for new horizons.
We are living through the great resignation, and this is one of the great ones. Sarah Gilbert is leaving NPR after more than a decade. She oversaw NPR’s main news programs, including this one, MORNING EDITION.
The audience didn’t hear Sarah’s voice, but in the office we came to listen for it – a British accent, saying something cheerful and directly to the point. During the 2016 election, Sarah oversaw projects to bring you the voices of voters which revealed where this country was heading.
MARTIN: She also led coverage of impeachments, a pandemic and a war. Sarah created NPR’s daily news podcast Up First. She saw things in us we couldn’t see in ourselves and taught us never to compromise our standards or ambition.
INSKEEP: Sarah, you changed this network. Now, don’t you ever change.
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