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Can coding make you a millionaire? Know everything here – India Today

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Coding is one of the most sought after project-based learning courses in recent times, and very soon, it will be the future of education worldwide. Many teenagers have a natural flair for coding and learn to build apps and websites in a very short period. However, it is not the same for everyone, and it is a hard fact that learning code takes time, and so does earning money from coding. Most techies start earning small amounts of money from coding initially, and it is only with time and experience that you grow financially.
Not all programming languages are easy to learn, but there are a few languages that are comparatively easy for beginners:
HTML: HTML was primarily introduced to present documents in the World Wide Web in a simpler manner. It’s mainly a compilation of shortcodes and tags.
CSS: CSS or Cascading Style Sheet uses the HTML elements and interacts with them to design web pages.
JAVA: this is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. It is a mix of CSS and HTML and has increased interaction with clients.
Yes! The demand for coding and programming is increasing every day. There is a high chance that a good coder will be earning lots of money eventually. Here are some of the approaches to earning money through coding:
Building an application is one great way to start making money for budding programmers. Up-skill or re-skill yourself with Swift or Objective-C, and you will be able to create iOS-based apps very quickly.
The basics of Swift is simple and straightforward, but it does have its quirks.You need to have a great marketable idea for an app, and then you can make money by building the app yourself and launching it in the stores.
In most cases, big businesses require professional programmers. However, local or small businesses have fundamental coding requirements. They mostly need websites and basic apps. These local businesses want simple and cheap tools, and they will be happy to hire coding beginners who would match their technical wants. This is a great way to start your career in coding.
While you learn to code, one great way to start earning is through freelancing. However, since clients would be expecting professional level coding from you, initially, it might be a little challenging to deliver appropriately.
A good piece of advice would be to not mislead potential clients about your skills and ask for feedback and recommendations after successful completion.
Learning code alone will not help you become a millionaire. You need to have a positive relationship with money. You have to make good connections with those who made it big or have a great vision for making money in the future.
Make good contacts with authors, bloggers, project maintainers to get honest feedback about your work. Never hesitate to ask for help from professional-level coders, follow more people, tech trends, well-known personalities on social media to increase your connections and chances of getting better opportunities.
If you are sitting idle while looking for a job after learning to code, you are not utilising your full potential. Some of the things that might be of great help would be :
Giving consultancy services to companies – If companies appreciate your work, this will add to your credibility.
Publish your book- most people are keen to buy those books which will help them pass a certificate or course or help them master a problematic technology.
Create courses on online educational platforms or YouTube- this might be an excellent way to get noticed along with earning money.
Write blogs and articles on Coding, writing articles about best practices and giving roadmaps might give you a good career discovery.
Coding is a vast prospect and depends on the people’s skills as to whether it will fetch you a lot of money. However, a career in coding indeed opens the doors to excellent salaries and high-paying jobs worldwide. With the right attitude and mindset, making money in the coding world is not at all problematic.
Article by Saurabh Saxena, Founder and CEO of Uable (social app for teens).

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