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C#, TypeScript Crack Top 10 in 2022 IEEE Programming Language Ranking – Visual Studio Magazine

IEEE published its ninth annual ranking of top programming languages, wherein Microsoft’s C# and TypeScript both rank in the top 10.
The organization uses multiple methods and sources — which seem to change often — to estimate the relative popularity of different languages.
While C# has hovered in the middle of the top 10 from the very start in 2014, TypeScript is a newcomer this year, coming in at No. 10. That’s because IEEE inexplicably combined it with JavaScript until this year, though it has long been a discrete offering in many other similar popularity rankings.
“Categorizations evolve,” explained IEEE in its Aug. 23 report. “For example, previously we grouped Typescript with JavaScript, but adoption has grown enough that it makes more sense to break it out.”
Some might argue adoption grew enough years earlier, as TypeScript has shined in multiple reports, even being noted for an explosion in job listings this week by career marketplace Dice. In fact, in Stack Overflow’s big survey this year, TypeScript vaulted ahead of Java to crack the top 5 ranking. Even back in 2019, analyst firm RedMonk, which had said TypeScript was exploding in relation to other languages, ranked it in the top 10.
C#, meanwhile, ranked fourth in the overall standings for 2022 while falling to fifth in the “jobs” slice and sixth in the “trending” ladder. TypeScript actually moved up to ninth in the jobs ranking (still in stark contrast to the Dice report) but fell well back to No. 16 among trending languages.
“Python remains on top but is closely followed by C,” the report said. “Indeed, the combined popularity of C and the big C-like languages — C++ and C# — would outrank Python by some margin. Java also remains popular, as does JavaScript, the latter buoyed by the ever-increasing complexity of websites and in-browser tools (although it’s worth noting that in some quarters, the cool thing is now deliberately stripped-down static sites built with just HTML and simple CSS).” The big takeaway of the report is reflected in its headline: “Top Programming Languages 2022 Python’s still No. 1, but employers love to see SQL skills.”
Methodology for the report can be found here.
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David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.

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