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bit.io Raises $7.5M and Launches bit.io Serverless Postgres to Make Collaborating on Postgres as User Friendly as Google Docs – Business Wire

Developers at Ford, Visa, NHS, P&G, Morgan Stanley, and more use bit.io to quickly set up, share, and edit Postgres in production with ease, even from a browser
SAN FRANCISCO–()–bit.io, the fastest way to build and collaborate on Postgres databases, has raised $7.5 million in seed funding led by Battery Ventures and GreatPoint Ventures, with participation from Neo and Combine. Database industry leaders, including Battery Operating Partner and former MongoDB CEO Max Schireson, as well as GreatPoint Managing Partner and former Oracle President and COO Ray Lane, are joining the cap table with this investment. Today bit.io Serverless Postgres launches publicly, the first truly serverless Postgres offering that with a single click can be spun up, shared with others, and edited instantly in a browser – no sign-up or provisioning required.

Since its private beta opened in 2021, bit.io has grown quickly with more than 15,000 users and 30,000 Postgres databases on the platform. Developers at companies like Ford, Visa, NHS, P&G, and Morgan Stanley use bit.io for production OLTP workloads, building web applications, low-code/no-code backends, data analysis, and mobile applications. bit.io is the first and only platform that makes creating and sharing Postgres databases as easy as editing a Google Doc, including being able to work directly in the databases from a browser.
bit.io was created by Adam Fletcher, an engineering leader who previously ran teams in production networking and YouTube at Google, and Dr. Jonathan Mortensen, a veteran data scientist from Stanford who led data science at medical and cybersecurity companies. After selling a developer tools company they built together and working on a new startup idea, they felt the operational pains of working with data and had a vision to make data as easy to share and collaborate on as everyday workspace tools. bit.io was created to achieve that vision and built with a talented team of data experts from Boeing, Carnegie Mellon University, Facebook, Google, Harvard, Johns Hopkins University, Stanford and Yale.
“Working with data is now a team sport, and that means it needs to be easier to spin up databases, easier to collaborate, and without all of the operational headaches of working with databases in production,” said Adam Fletcher, co-founder and CEO of bit.io. “This is why we’re launching bit.io Serverless Postgres today. It’s never been simpler to create a Postgres database, share it with others in a single click, and work in Postgres even from the comfort of your browser.”
Bit.io Serverless Postgres features include:
Battery’s Schireson, who as former CEO of MongoDB saw it become a very popular NoSQL database for Fortune 500s and startups, views serverless and shareability as a critical shift in unlocking the value from relational databases. “bit.io has eliminated the technical barriers to working with Postgres, which is quickly overtaking MySQL as the most popular relational database for developers,” said Schireson. “As non-technical users become more involved in the software development process, this becomes even more important. The bit.io team is making Postgres accessible to all and enabling these new levels of collaboration, and I’m thrilled to be backing them on this journey.”
“Data is no longer the domain of specialists; every role in a company now needs access to the data being generated inside and outside the organization, making sharing and collaboration the future of data,” said GreatPoint Managing Partner and former Oracle President and COO Ray Lane. “bit.io solves sharing and collaboration, and that’s why GreatPoint Ventures is excited to be an investor.”
bit.io Serverless Postgres launches today and is publicly available to all with no wait list. Spin up a Postgres database with one-click, drag and drop an existing data set, or paste a URL to get started at https://bit.io/serverless.
About bit.io
bit.io is the first and only platform that helps developers become immediately productive with any Postgres database, making uploading and sharing databases as easy as editing a Google Doc. Founded in 2019 and headquartered in San Francisco, bit.io is backed by Battery Ventures, Great Point Ventures, and Neo Ventures. For more information, visit: bit.io.
Marie Williams
(415) 707-2793
Marie Williams
(415) 707-2793


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