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Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android – Programming Insider

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The market for monitoring smartphone apps is huge. Whether you are using the most popular operation system in world or not, you will find an app to suit.
Although numbers vary, currently, there are more than 2 million available applications for Android OS. Among them is a selection of hidden spy apps for Android. But what we want to know is what is the best hidden spy app for Android, and are there any free hidden spy apps for Android available? Read on to find out.
In the modern world, our lives revolve around our smartphones; calendars, lists, friends, family, contacts, etc. Therefore, our phones are the best places to start if someone wants to find out about us. 
That’s why spy apps for Android phones are helpful. Spy apps are spying software installed on a target device to monitor smartphone activities of its user.
A hidden spy app, once installed, runs discreetly in the background on the target phone. There is no obvious sign to the user that the spy app is installed on their device.
This article looks at the best hidden spy apps for Android mobile phones.
The critical thing to remember about a hidden spy app on Android is that the app should be invisible on Android devices.
The best spy apps for Android are discreet, collecting data quietly in the background from the target phone. 
A hidden app to spy on Android collects data from the device, for example, call recording, location tracking, and other smartphone activities. 
The collected data will then transfer onto the app’s server. Provided the account holder has internet access, they can view it remotely via the online control panel.

There are many different reasons that people use spy apps. 
Perhaps you want to track an unruly child’s contacts or location to keep them safe. 
Maybe you want to find out who is calling your spouse at the same time every night; that’s suspicious, right? 
You might want to use a particular monitoring tool, possibly a hidden spy app for Android with call recording, for instance? 
Take a look at the list of recommended spy apps and find one that fits your purpose.

Smartphones, gaming, and social media mean parents don’t know their children’s world anymore. uMobix can help you regain some control by tracking your child’s online activity. Monitor their telephone calls, SMS, and instant messaging. Follow their activities on social media and apps, and take back control by remotely blocking and deleting inappropriate websites, messages, and even people. Keep your children safe!

Cocospy is a hidden spy app for Android and iPhone. It runs discreetly in the background on a target device and is one of the best spy apps for Android used in the remote surveillance and tracking of children and employees.

mSpy is the UK’s number 1 choice of hidden spy app for Android. Its many monitoring services provide peace of mind to millions of parents and employers. Use mSpy to check sent and received text messages, monitor for appropriate internet use, including social media, and keep tabs on calls and contacts. The keylogger function will spell out any incognito information. GPS location monitoring keeps you informed of where the target device is. Just log in to your control panel from anywhere with an internet connection to view data online.

XNSPY is a sophisticated spy app with a fresh modern look. Choose XNSPY for features that go beyond the usual standard of spy apps. The call time activity punch card is part of the XNSPY app’s call monitoring feature enabling quick access to the calls made to and from the target device, how long for, and with who. GPS tracking is supported by WiFi network tracking to pinpoint precise locations during the day. Along with monitoring calendar entries, remote commands, and customized 24/7 alerts, among the many other features, you’ll wonder how you managed without it!

iKeyMonitor is another great spy app with an exceptionally informative website for those people who aren’t so tech-savvy! Its features easily rival other apps and include discreet tracking of two-way messaging and call making, contact lists, internet browsing, and location history. Monitor appointments and schedules, remotely take pictures, and quietly process all the data collected on your target device via your online control panel.
uMobix is an ‘advanced cell phone tracker for modern parents.’ It’s easy to install and operates on all Android OS 4+ devices, iPhones, and iPads. Follow these simple instructions, and you’re one step closer to monitoring your target device!
Whatever your reason for choosing Android spy apps, out of the apps for Android on the market, certainly one will suit your needs and be your best hidden Android spy app. Hidden spy apps for Android free are hard to come by, but you can find a spy app with a free trial or free download. Try some out before making your final decision. 
However, most spy apps have reasonable subscription plans to suit most pockets.
Remember also that some features may not always be available on hidden spy apps for Android without root.
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