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Best 7 Websites To Convert AVIF to JPG in 1 Minute – Programming Insider

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The AV1 image file format is an excellent picture file format because of its great compression qualities. It is popular because it maintains a high degree of quality at lesser file size. Despite this, there are still a lot of hardware and software solutions that do not support it.
An AVIF to JPG converter is in high demand, which is understandable. Several programs exist to convert AVIF files to the JPG format. The following are the top seven best websites where you can convert AVIF to JPG in less than 60 seconds.
What is an AVIF Converter
An AVIF converter is a general term used to define a set of tools that let you convert an AVIF file into different formats, such as TIF, BMP, and JPG. This software can help you, primarily if your operating system does not support one of the picture file formats you need.
Best 7 Websites to Convert AVIF to JPG for Free
Avif2jpg is a simple and free tool for avif to jpg or png conversion. To make things even better, it comes with an option of converting and modifying images to various formats as a bonus. You can convert AVIF to JPG and other file formats, such as PNG. An essential feature of this AVIF converter is its support for image sequences.
This web-based avif file converter is available online, supporting most of browsers. Users can convert avif to jpg with Avif2jpg as long as their internet is connected. Thought their are a log of image converters on the market, some of them are designed to be too complex and not very friendly for novices. Tha’t why we highly recommend you to take avif2jog a try. It is easy to use with a simple layout!

How to Use Avif2jpg
Step 1: Visit avif2jpg.com
Step 2: Use its drag and drop feature to place AVIF images you want to convert. On the other hand, you can also click the “flower” logo and select AVIF images.
Step 3: Choose what output you want, whether jpeg or png. You can also select your desired image size and quality.
Step 3: Click CONVERT ALL AVIF and wait until the images have been converted.
How to Bulk Convert AVIF to JPG with AVIF2JPG
Another powerful features of Avif2JPG is that it supports bulk avif to jpg conversion. If you have lots of avif files to process, just upload them all at once and let the website do its work. It usually takes 2-3 minutes to complete the tasks. Here we’ll show you how to bulk convert avif to jpg with this tool. 
Step 1: Drag and drop or select all the AVIF images you want to convert.
Step 2: Select JPG as an output format. 
Step 3: Select the size and quality for output images. 
Step 4: Once done, click “Download” button to save all converted files. 
Convertio is another popular AVIF converter tool for creating uncluttered and simple JPG results. Aside from AVIF file format, it also comes with different output and input options for compressed files, photos, audio, movies, and even documents.
How to Use
Step 1: Go to https://convertio.co/avif-jpg/
Step 2: Choose files from your computer, dropbox, or drive
Step 3: Set up your preferred output file format into JPG
Step 4: Click ENTER to convert
Aconvert is one of the fastest AVIF converter tools. It lets you transform an AVIF file into JPG or other file formats in less than a minute. Aside from JPG also supports other image formats, including BMP, HEIC, GIF, TIFF, PNG, and more.
How to Use
Step 1: Go to Aconvert website and click “avif-to-jpg” button. 
Step 2: Select CHOOSE FILES and select AVIF images you want to convert.
Step 3: Select your preferred image size, quality, and format.
Step 4: Select CONVERT NOW and click the download icon to save the final product.
Freeconvert offers free services for image optimization, including AVIF file conversion. However, the number of AVIF files you can upload to this website is only capped at ten thousand. It is also worth noting that converting multiple files into JPG can result in a slower conversion speed. Despite that, it does not affect its excellence as one of the best conversion tools.
How to Use
Step 1: Go to Freeconvert website and select “avif-to-jpg” from the given function board. 
Step 2: Click CHOOSE FILES and select AVIF images. You can also drag and drop files with a 1GB file size.
Step 3: Click CONVERT and let Freeconvert start converting files. 
Pixelied allows for free AVIF conversion and batch uploading that can be used to convert your files. However, there is a possibility that you will lose the names of your image files. Among its many benefits are its quick conversion times and the flexibility to alter the final image size and quality.
How to Use
Step 1: Go to https://pixelied.com/convert/avif-converter/avif-to-jpg
Step 2: Choose your preferred AVID files
Step 3: Click START CONVERSION and download the files
Ezgif.com is a handy website for a variety of reasons, including image editing and file conversion. With a few mouse clicks, you can convert an AVIF file into JPG.
How to Use
Step 1: Go to https://ezgif.com/avif-to-jpg.
Step 2: Upload AVIF files from your computer or image URL
Step 3: Make sure that the image’s maximum size is 50 MB
Step 4: Click UPLOAD, and you are done
McConverter is another tool that converts AVIF into JPG and other known image formats. This is backed with innovative features that speed up the conversion process. Photo editing, batch conversion, and image resizing are some of the services you can use from this website.
How to Website
Step 1: Go to https://mconverter.eu/convert/avif/jpg/.
Step 2: Drop or browse the AVIF files from your computer
Step 2: Click CONVERT AVIF
Which are the Best AVIF Converters Among All Websites?
Among all the AVIF to JPG converter websites mentioned above, Avif2jpg stands out. It has modern features that let you do batch conversion, photo editing, and even image resizing. Aside from that, it also supports multiple file formats.
If you have an AVIF image and want to convert it into JPG, there are lots of tools you can use online. And some of those are the ones mentioned above.
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