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Behind The Scenes Explanation For Alexa Bliss' Absence From WWE Programming – TheSportster

Where has Alexa Bliss been? Why is WWE having her work house shows but keeping her off of WWE programming?
Fans may have noticed that Alexa Bliss has not been on television as of late. Following a segment that saw Damage CNTRL take out Bliss and Asuka, then brag in the following weeks that they were mowing down the competition and removing obstacles in their path, reports have surfaced as to what Bliss has been doing for WWE since that segment was filmed.
When it comes to both the absences of Alexa Bliss and Asuka, F4WOnline’s Dave Meltzer said Bliss is healthy and working WWE house shows. Asuka might be dealing with a legitimate injury, but Bliss is good to go and that has led to speculation as to what's next for the former women's champion and popular WWE performer. Some speculation is that she'll get a bit of a character reboot. Others have suggested WWE is keeping her off of television until Asuka is ready to go and they'll bring them both back as a team, giving the women's division another duo to partner up and compete for the titles.
What seems the most logical is that WWE isn't entirely sure where they want to take her character. As they try to figure it out, they're using her to keep her fresh and she's teasing multiple ideas on social media, including a Halloween TikTok she posted saying, "Everyone has a dark side… Happy Halloween weekend." It's a video of her going from Alexa Bliss to the Alexa Bliss playground character with her doll Lilly.
One thing that seems clear is that WWE doesn't want to eliminate the Lilly doll because it's such a big seller in terms of merchandise. WWE also knows a ton of little girls will be dressing up as Bliss for Halloween and the company loves the fact that she's such a role model to fans that age who are watching the show.

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