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Ask INDIAai: What is a convolutional neural network? – INDIAai

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By Dr Nivash Jeevanandam
INDIAai can solve any technical queries you may have. This collection of questions and answers is accessible to students, experts, and the general public. In addition, it contains questions and answers about numerous technology breakthroughs and AI-related themes.
In this segment of “Ask INDIAai,” you can submit questions and receive responses. The expert team at INDIAai will respond to your inquiries.
Send your questions to askindiaai@mail.nasscom.in.
Why is the cognitive model important? Who introduced it? – Radhe Manohar, Mangalore.
Cognitive models help determine which connected cognitive processes contribute to a behavioural outcome. By modelling several ongoing cognitive processes, cognitive models can complete the same task as participants.
The cognitive model was initially developed due to investigations by Aaron Beck to describe the psychological factors that contribute to depression.
What is sentiment analysis? What is it used for? – Ajay Koppad, Hyderabad.
Sentiment analysis, often known as opinion mining, is a natural language processing (NLP) technique that determines the emotional undertone of a document. It is standard method corporations use to define and classify opinions regarding a product, service, or concept.
It is the method of determining if a text contains positive or negative sentiment. Businesses utilise it frequently to detect sentiment in social data, evaluate brand reputation, and comprehend clients.
Is the brain a neural network? What kind of network is it? – Aishwarya Srinivasan, Mumbai.
These are referred to as the hidden layers, and the easiest way to describe them is to divide the classification problem into smaller, to-be-processed chunks. It is the representation of your brain as a neural network. It may handle thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of observations in this manner.
Brain networks can be viewed as neural nets in which the information is encoded in the structure of the net or as communication networks in which the same physical substrate transports varying amounts of data at different times. Different network types may exist at different levels.
What is a convolutional neural network? Why is it used? – Sharon Joseph, Delhi.
CNNs are subsets of machine learning. It is one of the many forms of artificial neural networks utilized for diverse applications and data formats.
Image categorization frequently uses convolutional neural networks. CNN can recognise various items in photos by recognising valuable attributes. This property makes them important in medicine for MRI diagnosis, for example. CNN is also applicable to agriculture.
Is TensorFlow just for Python? Can it be used for AI or machine learning? – Felix noel, Goa.
TensorFlow is compatible with numerous programming languages, such as Python, JavaScript, C++, and Java. This adaptability lends itself to a variety of applications in multiple industries.
It is an end-to-end open-source machine learning platform. TensorFlow facilitates the creation of machine learning models by novices and experts alike. Consult the sections below to begin.
What is Google Colab used for? Is it the same as a Jupyter notebook? – Usma Nahid, West Bengal.
Colab enables anyone to create and execute arbitrary Python code via a web browser and is particularly suitable for machine learning, data analysis, and teaching.
Google Colab is a hosted service for Jupyter notebooks. You can run your Jupyter Notebook online without configuration and utilize free computer resources like GPUs.
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