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Around 750 new software developer jobs advertised every day – ComputerWeekly.com

The UK is seeing around 750 job adverts for software developers going live every day, equating to around one new tech job every two minutes, according to CodinGame.
The recruitment platform looked into the current tech job postings on jobs website Indeed and found 30,193 software developer jobs available across the UK.
“Tech companies might be feeling the heat as rising inflation and interest rates stalls growth, but demand for software developers remains red hot,” said Aude Barral, chief commercial officer at CodinGame.
“The challenge remains the same for tech recruiters – to find and attract the most talented tech candidates in a highly competitive marketplace.”
But those in the industry are worried about hiring new talent, CodinGame found, with tech recruiters expecting finding skilled workers to be a challenge for 2022.
Software developer roles are among the most sought-after skillsets, with JavaScript being the most popularly advertised programming language in developer job ads.
JavaScript, Java and Python are the three most requested programming languages in software developer job roles.
But soft skills are also important. According to CodinGame and CoderPad’s 2022 Tech hiring survey, which asked 14,000 developers and recruiters worldwide about the tech hiring landscape over the next year, 37% of tech recruiters viewed assessing soft skills and team fit when hiring remotely as a huge challenge, while 34% of developers said they found it hard to display their soft skills during the remote hiring process.
The survey also found that 30% of tech recruiters were on the lookout for skills in artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning – a skillset 41% of developers would like to work on over the next year.
As technology continues to become a huge part of not only our day-to-day lives, but also for every business, there is a huge search for people with the skills needed to increase the use of digital in firms, but in many cases businesses are finding there are not enough workers to go around.
CodinGame suggested salary levels offered are an indicator of a lack talent to fill advertised roles, with more than half of tech roles posted offering an average salary of at least £50,000, while 20% offer £70,000 or more.
Around a quarter of roles advertised were for remote working roles, according to CodinGame, though more than a third were London-based.
As the pandemic forced everyone to work from their homes, the need for offices reduced as people proved they could be trusted to use technology to work from anywhere.  
Outside of London, Glasgow and Edinburgh were among the five cities in the UK most on the lookout for tech talent.
The 2022 Tech hiring survey found that 30% of firms would aim to work on talent diversity over the next year, while 38% planned to retain the talent they already had.
Barral said aiming for more diverse candidates, especially for smaller businesses, could help to widen the talent pool and avoid trying to attract the same workers other firms are competing for.
“[Businesses] need to consider widening their talent pools – identifying developers who don’t have the traditional academic background and utilising skills-based hiring to identify the potential in candidates who perhaps don’t have the typical developer CV.”

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