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Amazon Unveils ML-Powered Coding Assistant CodeWhisperer – InfoQ.com

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InfoQ Homepage News Amazon Unveils ML-Powered Coding Assistant CodeWhisperer
Jul 06, 2022 1 min read
Daniel Dominguez
Amazon AWS recently launched ML-powered coding companion CodeWhisperer, which provides code recommendations based on developers' comments in natural language and their code in the integrated development environment (IDE). The machine learning-powered service increases developer productivity.
CodeWhisperer bases its recommendations on a variety of contextual cues, including the cursor's placement in the source code, the code that comes before it, comments, and code from other files in the same project. The recommendations can be implemented exactly as-is or can be improved upon and altered as necessary. CodeWhisperer uses billions of lines of code from forums, internal Amazon repositories, open source repositories, and API documentation to train.
According to Amazon, developers may use CodeWhisperer to accelerate the development process by merely adding a comment to the code in their IDE. The many programming languages, frameworks, software libraries, and cloud services must be kept up-to-date. With CodeWhisperer, developers will be able to accelerate frontend and backend development with automatic code recommendations, save time and effort to generate code to build and train ML models, speed up the development process with code recommendations for AWS APIs across the most popular services, including Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3, and offload writing repetitive unit test code.
CodeWhisperer also places a strong emphasis on security; it offers scans for Python and Java to assist programmers in finding vulnerabilities in their work and creating apps responsibly. Additionally, it has a reference tracker that can determine whether a code recommendation resembles a specific set of training data. Developers may then quickly locate the code example, examine it, and choose whether to utilize it in their project.
According to Amazon, CodeWhisperer has not been created to provide an alternative to Copilot; the company set the groundwork for launch quite a few years ago with services like CodeGuru and DevOpsGuru.
For the time being, CodeWhisperer is compatible with Python, Java, and JavaScript. According to Amazon, it interfaces with a variety of IDEs, including JetBrains, Visual Studio Code, AWS Cloud9, and the AWS Lambda console.
Developers who wish to test out Amazon's new code completion tool can sign up for the waitlist by submitting a request form. Developers can install the AWS IDE Toolkit, activate the CodeWhisperer functionality, and begin using the tool after receiving a preview access code.

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