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AEW Warned To "Tone Down" Aspect Of Programming – Inside The Ropes

Change could be coming to AEW after a new edict was passed down from Warner Brothers Discovery who broadcast Dynamite and Rampage.
Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer has noted that AEW have been told to tone down the language used on their programming. However, nothing has been said about the frequent use of blood.
“Word has gotten to the promotion from WBD that they’d like the language toned down. As best we can tell, they have said nothing about the blood.”
Promos in AEW are known for being largely unscripted giving talents the opportunity to express themselves more freely. While fans of this approach suggest that it leads to promos being more natural, the company is currently dealing with issues between talents where comments made in promos have upset multiple parties.
AEW’s push for an edgier promo style also leaves room for talents to swear within reason. Although it now appears that WBD are clamping down and setting stricter boundaries.
Even in recent weeks, CM Punk used the word “sh*t” on multiple occasions as he called out Hangman Adam Page and then Jon Moxley. His comments towards Page were said to be completely off-script and stem from real issues between the pair.
The lack of script has also seemingly helped to worsen issues between Sammy Guevara and Eddie Kingston. The Mad King was upset over comments made by Guevara in a promo which was subsequently pulled from a taped edition of Rampage.
Following the promo, Kingston confronted his rival and was later suspended, although that suspension is now complete.


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