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7 Test Automation Tools In Demand In 2022 | Js Magazine – Jumpstart Media

Our round-up of the top tools to make your automation process quicker and more efficient.
The automation industry is a booming—and competitive—one, with its market size exceeding US$15 billion in 2020. One way for businesses that have taken notice of the fierce competition and want to get ahead is to update their tech. To ensure your products are ready for users as soon as possible, you have to invest in efficient automation testing tools.
With the pandemic accelerating the use of automation, it’s no surprise that there is a high demand for these tools. Here are some of the most in-demand test automation tools for 2022:
Selenium is one of the most popular test automation programs for a good reason. It comprises a collection of open-source tools, such as Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Remote Control, that can be used across the different facets of web application testing. In addition, Selenium can simulate users’ actions, such as clicking, typing and moving the cursor. From JavaScript to PHP, it allows you to use a single interface to test scripts across multiple programming languages. 
However, a noteworthy drawback of Selenium is that it only works for web browsers. If you want to test your automation on a mobile or desktop, you cannot use this application. 
Appium is another open-source tool that can be used for mobile application testing. Unlike Selenium, Appium can be used for testing native mobile applications (e.g. iOS or Android), mobile web applications (e.g. Safari or Chrome) and hybrid mobile applications that combine both. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of projects. 
However, according to users, Appium has some disadvantages. For one, it doesn’t allow applications to test Android below its 4.2 iteration. Secondly, it takes a long time to configure. 
TestComplete is a commercial test automation tool that can be used for desktop, web and mobile application testing. One of the benefits of using TestComplete is that it offers a visual editor which makes creating tests easier and quicker. In addition, TestComplete has a wide range of built-in functions and supports various programming languages. Plus, users feel that it is easy to maintain and use. 
That said, some have reported issues with TestComplete’s stability and customer support.
LambdaTest is a cloud-based test automation tool that can be used for web and mobile application testing. LambdaTest allows users to test their applications on 2,000+ browsers and devices. In addition, LambdaTest offers features, such as live interactive testing, screenshot testing and video recording. 
On August 2, 2022, LambdaTest announced the launch of HyperExecute, a super-quick intelligent testing platform. As per the company’s press release, it will be 70 percent faster than traditional ones. 
Katalon Studio is another popular test automation tool that can be used for web, mobile and application programming interface (API) testing. Katalon Studio offers many features, such as automated recordings, object spy and execution reports. In addition, Katalon Studio integrates with various tools, such as JIRA, Slack and Jenkins. 
While Katalon supports multiple kinds of testing, from API testing to keyword-based, it lags behind when it comes to performance. Plus, it is not open-source. 
ParaSoft is a platform that offers a range of solutions to test different types of automation. For instance, ParaSoft Insure++ is a commercial test automation tool that can be used for C/C++ code analysis. It offers features, such as data flow analysis and function coverage. On the other hand, ParaSoft SAOtest can be used for API testing. 
Cypress.io is a modern test automation tool for web testing. Cypress.io offers numerous features, such as time travel debugging and automatic waiting. In addition, Cypress.io has a low learning curve, making it ideal for beginner testers. 
However, one downside of Cypress.io is that it does not have as many features as some other tools on this list. For one, it only supports JavaScript when creating test cases. Secondly, you cannot use this platform to support two browsers at the same time. 
These are just some of the most in-demand test automation tools for 2022. As the industry continues to grow, so does the demand for these tools. If you’re looking to get ahead of the competition, investing in one of these tools is a good place to start.
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