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5 fun ways to brush up on your JavaScript skills – SiliconRepublic.com

by Jenny Darmody
3 days ago
Whether you’re just starting out on your coding journey or want to get to the next level with your JavaScript skills, some of these games and resources may help.
There are plenty of ways to learn how to code and many programming languages to get started with.
JavaScript is just one option, but it is one of the must-know programming languages for creating applications for the web.
It is a full-stack language, which means with JavaScript you can build an interactive and visually appealing front end and an efficient and powerful back end too.
We’ve previously looked at some fun and interactive ways you can get to grips with SQL and cybersecurity.
Now, whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn more about coding or you’re looking to bring your JavaScript skills to the next level, these interactive games and resources might be the perfect way to do it.
For those with some level of understanding in JavaScript, Codewars is an online competitive coding site that allows users to compete against others within the same skill range to solve coding problems.
The site caters for relative beginners as well as expert coders and users can compare their solution with others after each problem, known as ‘katas’.
CodinGame is a challenge-based training platform for programmers where you can improve your coding skills with fun exercises. The site offers to help users learn more than 25 programming languages including JavaScript.
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Users can play with friends or colleagues. The platform also has an international leaderboard that gives you worldwide standing among competitors.
Another game that could help you brush up on your JavaScript skills is JSRobot, where users must avoid obstacles, collect coins and eventually reach the flag.
JSRobot is a platform game where you use Node.js to control a robot. This game is definitely best suited to JavaScript beginners rather than experienced programmers.
For those looking for an adventure game that can help them test their JavaScript skills, Untrusted allows players to use the programming language to guide a character through a machine continuum and alter his reality.
This game allows experienced programmers to practice more complex JavaScript skills.
Online course provider Udemy has a wide range of free JavaScript courses to choose from. From JavaScript Essentials to Code Your First Game, there are courses to suit beginners and more advanced coders.
There are also several more in-depth and specific courses available to choose from for a fee on the platform.
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