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4 ways to keep R-Truth on WWE programming regularly – Sportskeeda

R-Truth has arguably been THE highlight of WWE programming this week. First, he abruptly showed up on RAW in his home state of North Carolina and challenged The Miz. The following night, he popped up on NXT for a hilarious segment involving Grayson Waller and the new North American Champion Wes Lee.
The two-time United States champion reminded the WWE Universe of his undeniable comedic genius and left them begging for more. Some fans called for a world title run before the 50-year-old star finally hangs up his boots, while others just wanted him in a significant storyline. One common theme among all the reactions was that the audience wanted more R-Truth on their screens.
Here are four ways in which the 54-time 24/7 champion can be a part of WWE programming on a regular basis.
From time to time, WWE utilized superstars like Elias, Santino Marella and The Hurricane in the “Drifter” role. These characters randomly appear backstage and in in-ring promo segments, enhancing the show via comedic skits and helping it flow better.
R-Truth has proven to be particularly excellent in this role, with his talents carrying the 24/7 title scene for more than three years. He has shown his chemistry with everyone, from Brock Lesnar to Johnny Gargano, so he can effortlessly slot into this role. As Gargano showed when he took on the role this past Monday, there is a place for the Drifter role on the show.
R-Truth has been a goofy, happy-go-lucky character on WWE programming for years now. He has been very entertaining in this role, but has felt directionless in the grand scheme of the show. The 24/7 championship has kept him busy in the meantime, but now that it seems stale, hence, he may need to shake up his character.
A heel turn from the 59-time champion leading to a more serious character would be an intriguing prospect. Watching Truth shed his clownish character and become a serious threat would be the kind of radical change WWE Universe would be mesmerized by. The two-time United States champion is, after all, a former NWA World Heavyweight champion and can still hang with anyone in the ring.
R-Truth is the master of the microphone. He has a connection with the audience that most main-eventers in the industry would love to have. He has a Teddy Long-esque ability to hold the crowd in the palm of his hand with every word.
An authority figure role would be a good fit for Truth, and an easy way to keep him on television. Imagine how many hilarious skits, segments and announcements could come from giving arguably WWE’s funniest superstar the power to make matches and influence storylines!
One of the changes the internet WWE fanbase has been clamoring for the most in recent months has been the reformation of The Hurt Business. The Bobby Lashley-led stable abruptly split up at a time when fans felt it still had lots to accomplish. Apart from The All-Mighty, the rest of its members have struggled to hit the heights they achieved with the group, and a reunion would be very well-received.
The Bloodline, another stable led by a dominant main-eventer, has grown from strength to strength in the same period. The Roman Reigns-led faction has dominated both the world title and tag team scenes, but the best part of it in recent months has arguably been Sami Zayn. Zayn’s hilarious odd-man-out Honorary Uce character has consistently stolen the show with his goofy and delusional demeanor.
Fans are dying to see R-Truth replicate this dynamic with The Hurt Business. If the faction could be reunited with R-Truth as their goofy honorary member, The Bloodline vs. The Hurt Business would be a dream feud. It can even be argued that Truth vs. Zayn would get a reaction almost as big as Reigns vs. Lashley in this scenario!
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