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Televisions in restaurants are a common thing to see—they keep diners entertained and keep people ordering food and drinks longer. But more and more, retail locations are also adopting the use of televisions. Retailers use TV to showcase new products and promotions and promote the store, but there are a number of other ways to use television within retail stores to get the full value of a cable package. Here are three ways to use TV in retail settings.
Customer entertainment
Of course, the most obvious use is for customer entertainment. Current labor shortages may lead to longer time spent in line to check out, so TV programming can be a great way to keep consumers entertained while they wait. Beyond that, TVs around the store can play popular sports games and other shows that keep consumers shopping longer (and in turn, buying more).
Employee entertainment
Likewise, televisions can be used to keep workers entertained, too. Break room televisions can make for more enjoyable break times, and if a group of workers is watching together it can boost morale and camaraderie among staff, which can lead to lower turnover and higher employee retention—something retailers in all segments can appreciate.
Recipe inspiration
Another way that retailers can use televisions to boost basket size is by showcasing recipe inspiration. Programming from cooking networks, as well as brand-specific promotions highlighting certain products or sales, can help boost interest in specific items in the store. For example, during weekday afternoons, retailers can show programming about quick weeknight meals. During the holiday season, programming about holiday spreads, appetizers, cocktails and more can entice shoppers to pick up something extra to bring home. Retailers can offer coupons for products shown in programming, too, to increase the appeal even more.
Choosing a programming provider
When making decisions about what type of entertainment provider to work with for televisions within retail locations, retailers should make sure they choose one that offers the content their customers will engage with—sports, food networking, current events, family programming and more. DIRECTV for BUSINESS is proud to provide a variety of programming that customers and workers alike will love. To learn more, visit www.directv.com/forbusiness/enterprise-solutions
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