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2022 IoT and Edge Developer Survey insights – Dataconomy

The Eclipse Foundation has released its 2022 IoT and Edge Developer Survey findings. The survey, which the Eclipse IoT Working Group administers, the Eclipse Edge Native Working Group, and the Eclipse Sparkplug Working Group, provides critical insights into the IoT and edge computing industry landscapes, the challenges that developers face, and the opportunities for enterprise stakeholders in the IoT and edge open source ecosystem.
AIoT: The much-needed convergence of AI and IoT
The study, now in its eighth year, is the main technical survey for the IoT and edge industries. “IoT and edge computing are arguably the most important technologies today, particularly for industries like industrial automation, agriculture, and automotive. The insights detailed in the 2022 IoT and Edge Developer Survey report can help guide internal developer teams and technology decision-makers as they seek to bring the Industrial IoT to life,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation.
From April 1, 2022, to June 15, 2022, 910 worldwide developers, committers, architects, and decision-makers from a variety of businesses and organizations took part in an online poll. Among the key results are:
Data from the 2022 IoT and Edge Developer Survey also includes information regarding edge computing workloads, developer concerns, and market splits. The whole study, including significant findings, may be obtained here.
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Conductors of the 2022 IoT and Edge Developer Survey, Eclipse IoT, has over ten years of experience in edge computing and the Internet of Things. Eclipse IoT is the birthplace of open source innovation, which has resulted in some of the most popular IoT protocols in the market. Eclipse IoT projects underpin CoAP (Eclipse Californium), DDS (Eclipse Cyclone DDS), LwM2M (Eclipse Leshan), MQTT (Eclipse Paho, Eclipse Mosquitto, and Eclipse Amlen), and OPC UA (Eclipse Milo).
Eclipse zenoh, a new native protocol created from the ground up for edge computing, is also included in the Eclipse IoT toolbox. Other prominent Eclipse IoT production-ready systems include digital twins (Eclipse Ditto), contactless payments (Eclipse Keyple), industrial applications (Eclipse Kura), Eclipse Kapua — a modular IoT cloud platform that manages data and devices, Eclipse Kanto, and much more.

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AI making BI Obsolete


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