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11 C++ Code Snippets for Everyday Programming Problems – MUO – MakeUseOf

If you’re new to C++, these code snippets that programmers use every day can come in handy.
C++ is one of the most widely used programming languages. It's used by millions of programmers every day and is the most preferred language for competitive programming.
Here, we'll list 11 C++ code snippets that can help you with your everyday programming problems. So, without further ado, let's get started.
You can find the size of a vector using the size() function.
You can shuffle an array in C++ using the shuffle() function.
You can swap two variables in C++ by using the built-in swap() function of the C++ STL library.
You can find the sum of digits of a number using the following process:
There are multiple ways to copy a vector to another vector in C++. You can use the assignment operator or pass the vector as a constructor to do the same.
You can find the maximum and minimum elements from an array using the max_element() and min_element() functions, respectively.
You can insert elements in a set using the insert() function. This function accepts the element as a parameter that will be inserted in the set.
You can remove the duplicate characters from a string using the following method:
You can find the length of a C++ string using the length() function. Alternatively, you can also use the size() function (it's an alias of the length() function).
You can delete an element from the array using the following approach:
Sometimes it isn't easy to directly understand a complex code. You should follow some of the basic programming principles like documenting the code, refactoring, and so on to make your code more robust.
You can iterate through a vector in multiple ways. Below are three of the most used ways to iterate through a vector:
The above three codes will display the same output:
If you want to have a look at the complete source code used in this article, here's the GitHub repository.
Make use of these C++ code snippets for your everyday programming problems. Whether you use C++ for writing simple programs or competitive programming, these code snippets can come in handy.
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Yuvraj is a Computer Science undergraduate student at the University of Delhi, India. He’s passionate about Full Stack Web Development. When he’s not writing, he’s exploring the depth of different technologies.
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