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☀️NETFLIX's Fall programming #PivotToCrime – The Ankler.

Mornin! This is Sean McNulty (connect on LinkedIn here) and here’s the Hollywood + Media news to know on THURSDAY November 10, 2022.
Where at least crypto is playing by the established boom and bust SUPERBOWL Advertising timeline rules.
“This doesn’t equate” SUPERBOWL Ad spending:
DOTCOM boom spend year: SUPERBOWL 34 – Jan 30, 2000
Highest profile bust / bankruptcy: PETS.COM, Nov 9, 2000
CRYPTO boom spend year: SUPERBOWL 56 – Feb 13, 2022
Highest profile bust / bankruptcy: FTX, Nov xxx, 2022
Ok yes fortune hasn’t official favored the bold in Bankruptcy court with FTX just yet… but as a last minute rescue deal fell apart in 24 hours when the potential acquirer immediately saw you have an $8 Billion run on withdrawals from your users – the even money (in dollars) seems to be on that bankruptcy happening in the very near future.
It’s no Pets.com sock puppet, but the Tom & Gisele Ad this year will definitely go into the SUPERBOWL time capsule… for a few reasons.
AND: If you want to stick closely to 2000 SUPERBOWL math, put Nov 22 as your FTX bust date bet on FAN DUEL. At least the gambling app boom hasn’t busted yet. It’s also still not profitable (congrats to FAN DUEL on being the first US gambling app company to be not in the red this August, for a quarter).
PLUS: One small note for the Q1 movie release sched – SONY moved their “Missing” thriller with Nia Long & Storm Reid from Feb up to Jan 20 in theaters, which currently only has an untitled CRUNCHYROLL pic on the date.
So January will at least have a wide, live-action release every Friday for the first time since 2020. For now.
Does NETFLIX’s content seem particularly… bleak to you lately? I took a dive into the Fall slate thus far, and yeah – wow. NETFLIX PD looks severely overrun. I take a look at how NETFLIX seems to be taking a page from the country’s most popular TV Broadcaster, and just the pure tonnage of their Fall #PivotToCrime
HOLLYWOOD stocks truly bottomed out yesterday, as Wall Street interpreted the DISNEY results on Tuesday as putting the final dagger in the streaming biz prognosis for Q4 (and quarters beyond) – a look at the damage
UNI sets high profile writer for SNOOP biopic (that SNOOP is producing)
See which 2007 film entered the NETFLIX Top 5 Movie list this weekend (without being avail in the US), plus how “Enola Holmes 2” stacked up and more in my NETFLIX Weekend Box Office roundup
Midterm Election viewership plummets
DOTDASH MEREDITH sees Revenue headwinds, secular declines, and more


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